Intermec, a Fortune 1000 supply chain systems company wanted to simplify commission payments while providing an incentive to its outside sales force. With iRewards commissions are conveniently added onto a re-loadable prepaid card; the co-branded card also raises awareness among its outside sales force.

The US Dept of Energy selected a “green” incentive solution from iCARD for its safety, wellness, attendance, and job effectiveness program, which allows the recipient to choose from dozens of merchants offering eCodes in lieu of plastics

When Sprint was looking for a unique consumer promotion that would be attractive to both its marketing partners and its customers, they chose a co-branded prepaid Visa card from iCARD

Plagued by problematic deliveries and poor customer, AT&T switched prepaid Visa card fulfillment to iCARD

Kimberly-Clark uses prepaid Visa cards from iCARD for travel reimbursements

The Bermuda Department of Tourism uses prepaid Visa cards from iCARD as off-season travel incentives

Scripps makes real-time request for cards used for patient-wellness through a private-labeled site online provided by iCARD

Harris Interactive, the country’s leading online survey company, works with iCARD to deliver their participant rewards

American Greetings uses iCARD Super Gift Card platform to deliver a Dining & Entertainment Gift Card on